This page is to introduce our recording engineers and producers. The history and development of Riverside is linked directly to the growth and expertise of the personnel.

All our staff have been extensively trained and are passionate about music and the equipment they use. They have all developed and learned from previous generations and some of the best names in the industry. Whatever your recording, mixing or mastering needs an R.M.C engineer will ensure your project is delivered professionally and to the highest standard.

Duncan Cameron

Duncan CameronEngineer and Producer Duncan Cameron, is widely experienced, working in many different musical genres. His production/ engineering / mixing credits include:

BMX Bandits, Teenage Fanclub, The Supernaturals, The Jesus and Mary Chain, UK Subs, AC Acoustics, N.T., Two Tone Committee, Belles in Monica, Superstar, Speeder, Astrid, Geneva, The Gyres, Eugenius, Big Country, TrashCan Sinatras, The Delgados, The Starlets, Remedy, James Kirk, Carol Laula, The Radiosweethearts, Arab Strap, Del Amtri, Shane Magowan and Travis.

Remix clients include Ian Brown (Stone Roses), L.L. Cool J, Pete Rock, Silvabullet and Sullen.

US clients include Kim Fowley, Dan Penn, Alex Chilton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Mathew Sweet, Ben Vaughn, John Herald and Michael Shelley.

Traditional clients include J.S.D Band, Macumba, The Celts, Emily Smith Band, Scott MacDonald, Gibb Todd, Kate Rusby, John McCusker, John Sheehan, Joannie Madden, Elsbeth Cowie, Laura McGhee and Fraser Speirs.

Classical clients include London Session Orchestra, Morely String Quartet and members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

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