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Reflecting on Little Tiger's maiden release in a 'Heartbeat' (...Sorry!)

As we prepare for the next exciting stage in the development of our record label, our year 2 Music Business students have been taking a look back at last terms breakthrough release.


INT: Can you tell us a bit about the scouting process and the qualities you were looking for in Little Tiger's first release?


Scott: "We got a feel for the label aesthetic by listening to [bands signed by] Chemikal Underground and Domino Records"

Amy: "We were looking for similar acts. We then found Tongues and decided that they were the best band for the label. Their electronic, Indie sound stood out to us and we then got in contact to discuss the possibility of working with them. Once Tongues had agreed to work with us, it was then time to decide on a single to release. The band had an idea to release a new track they were creating called 'Heartbeat' and it was agreed this track would be released on Little Tiger."

INT: What happened next?

Scott: "The band began to record the song at their home studio, the drums were recorded in Riverside's Studio 1. The track was completed and we got to hear the final mix which was an exciting experience after the months of working with the band."

Amy: "We sent out emails including press releases to radio presenters, blogs and journalists including; Vic Galloway (BBC Radio Scotland), Jim Gellatly (Amazing Radio) and BBC Radio 6."

Scott: "We gained radio plays and a live session on Vic Galloway. It was an exciting experience, it felt like we had really achieved something after all our hard work."

INT: So you have the track, a buzz has been created, tell us about the release of the single. 

Amy: "To launch the single successfully Little Tiger decided to host a launch gig. The gig was held at Broadcast in Glasgow on the 7th May 2015 with support from 'Robots with Souls' and 'Stillhound'."

Scott: "It was a real learning experience as we each took turns taking door money and tickets. We also ran the bands merch stand which was something not many of us had done before on a professional level, which we had to do as we were representing both the label and Tongues. The launch was a success!" 

Amy: "The single was released digitally on iTunes and Spotify among others. We were responsible for promoting the single and I believe it was done successfully."


INT: What happened next for Tongues?


Amy: "Following the release, Tongues have gone on to perform at events like 'T in the Park' and 'Electric Circus'."

Scott: "'T in the Park' was a huge deal for the band, they also had a small tour of Scotland and England over the summer. They also received media attention with reviews from 'Almost predictable. almost' and Wild Honey Pie'. The band also talked to 'ReverbNation' about the release of 'Heartbeat'."


INT: Finally, tell us about your overall personal experience in working for Little Tiger on its maiden release.

Scott: "It was an enjoyable experience, I learned new types of music that I am now interested in, it broadened my overall taste in music. There were challenging aspects as we had to keep to time scales within the demands of the college calendar as well as develop a presence for the label. Overall it was fun, especially leading up to the launch event at Broadcast. We got to do things we had never done before like contacting people within the industry as representatives of the label and taking responsibility for the launch event, ensuring it went well."



Interview with Scott and Amy @ Little Tiger by Riverside Music Complex

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