When will my course start? 
Courses are scheduled to commence from Monday the 7th September. Our Curriculum and Health and Safety teams have worked closely to carry out a detailed risk assessment of the campus to ensure we have implemented the safest and most effective method of delivering courses during the coming academic year. 
How will my course be delivered?
Procedures have been put in place across our campus to enable safe social distancing at all times, with appropriate safety measures in place for staff and students. In accordance with the Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for colleges and current safety measures, we have taken steps to limit the number of people on campus at any one time.
For the beginning of academic year 2020/21, we will be implementing a blended approach to teaching and learning, delivering practical classes onsite in smaller groups and academic classes remotely where appropriate.
When will I receive my course timetable?
Timetables have been prepared for all courses and will be available to download with our online enrolment documents. Your course timetable shows face-to-face on campus and online teaching and delivery of course units from the beginning of term. Due to the ongoing situation there may be some changes made to timetables in line with Scottish Government guidelines to ensure the safest possible delivery and enabling any necessary social distancing across the campus at all times.
My course requires practical classes, how will they be delivered?
Classes which require students to be on campus have been prioritised. We have put health and safety precautions in place across our campus facilities to prepare for safely welcoming students in the new term.
What will be expected of me when I return to campus? 
Prior to returning to campus all students will be asked to complete a personal health questionnaire. The questionnaire is very straightforward and will be used to ensure we have considered all control measures to keep you safe when you return to campus. 
In line with the government guidance, please do not come to campus and self-isolate if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. 
Symptoms include: – 
a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal
Upon arrival to the campus students must undertake a temperature check. If you have a temperature of 38C or more, you will be asked to leave the campus. You should follow government guidance and stay at home for 10 days from the start of developing symptoms and arrange to be tested. 
Government guidance does not make face coverings mandatory in colleges; however, we encourage their use in all communal areas including in class. 
Due to the practical nature of our classes there will be occasions where you cannot maintain the required social distancing with your lecturer. All steps will be taken to minimise this interaction by using screens and planning the tasks to avoid face to face and skin to skin contact. When you must work within 2m of the lecturer we will require you to wear a face covering and the lecturer will wear a face shield and face covering.
The college recognises the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Face Covering Exempt Card and supports individuals who cannot wear a face covering due to underlying health problems. If you have any concerns, please contact Student Services:  studentservices@riversidemusiccollege.ac.uk
Students will be required to adhere to the College’s hand sanitising and social distancing measures. 
Increased cleaning protocols have been introduced along with a new ventilation system in the appropriate areas of the campus and access to the college campus will be governed and in keeping with current government guidance and updates.
Computer and Wi-Fi access to enable study at home. 
You are required to have access to WI-FI and a computer, tablet or mobile device to assist with completion of your course studies. Please inform student services if this becomes an issue.
Will there be any changes to the College Calendar for 2020/21?
Any changes to the college calendar will be in line with government guidance and in response to any developments with the spread of the Covid 19 Virus and subsequent containment measures.
What about funding support?
If you have applied for funding for your course, this will start from course commencement and continue as normal as you progress through the course.
Our Students Services Team are available to discuss funding/ learning support needs for next term. Please check our website and social media channels for updates.
I have an additional support need and/or a disability. How can I find out about support available?
If you indicated an additional support need and/or a disability on your application form, a member of our Learning Support Team will discuss this with you. We will arrange an appointment with our ASN Officer to complete a pre-needs assessment providing a little more information on what your additional support need and/ or disability means for you and how this may impact your learning.  
We will support you in collecting evidence of need, if you don’t have this already, before arranging an appointment to chat it through with you. We’ll then draw up a personal learner support plan to include recommendations of reasonable adjustments for teaching, learning and assessment.
If you don’t think you indicated an additional support need and/or a disability on your application form, are unsure or would just like a chat, Please email us at studentservices@riversidemusiccollege.ac.uk or call our office 0141 644 5571 Mon- Fri during office hours.
If I have classes on campus, I will need to use public transport to get there – will this be safe?
Current government guidance covers how to travel safely to and from campus and includes information on sustainable travel options. You should follow government guidance at all times when using public transport.
What will the college do if someone who has been on campus tests positive for COVID-19?
We need everyone to play their part to ensure they do not come to campus with symptoms, they practice good hygiene and socially distance from each other. If someone develops symptoms while on campus, we have robust procedures developed to safely remove the individual from the campus in a way that will reduce the spread of the virus. Some areas may have to be isolated to allow us to implement our enhanced cleaning protocol. We would only reopen the area when it is safe to do so. 
If the college suspects an outbreak of COVID-19 on the campus, we will take the necessary steps in line with local NHS board Health Protection Team (HPT) advice to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 
Will practical equipment be provided and how will you ensure it is clean?
We will continue to provide access to some equipment however we ask that students provide their own headphones, USB drives and musical accessories, i.e. instruments, cables, drumsticks, plectrums, microphone pop shields etc to reduce the risk of cross contamination. 
To support our enhanced cleaning protocols students will asked to clean down all shared equipment pre and post use and not to share personal items with peers. 
I have childcare responsibilities, what happens if schools implement a system of part-time teaching and this doesn’t fit with my College timetable?
We understand that potential changes to school timetables might mean some students are unable to attend campus on certain days or may struggle to study at home at times. The College will aim to be as flexible as possible to help students study when they can.
I am currently shielding and I’m not sure when it will be safe for me to come into campus, what should I do?
It is important that you continue to follow the shielding guidance from the Scottish Government where applicable. The College will work with you to look at alternative arrangements where possible. Your health and safety is our main priority.
I’m anxious about the thought of starting my course if the virus is still prominent, what should I do? 
Please be reassured that the College’s main priority is the health and wellbeing of all of our students. Our Curriculum and Health and Safety Teams have been working over the summer to ensure we are able to safely deliver courses to all of our students. We understand that it is an anxious time for everybody but we’re here to support you. If you would like to speak to someone, please email: studentservices@riversidemusiccollege.ac.uk.  
I am an international student and have questions about how the current situation may impact my travel/ visa/ living arrangements/ studies, what should I do?
Please contact Student Services: studentservices@riversidemusiccollege.ac.uk.  
How long will these arrangements be in place?
To keep our students and staff as safe as possible we will continue to follow the guidance set out in the Scottish Government’s Route Map when making decisions on college operations. This means arrangements will be adapted as we progress through the four phases. Please be assured that all decisions will be made with the health and safety of everybody as our main priority, and arrangements will remain in place for as long as necessary.  
What do I need to do before I start my course?
Please continue to check the College’s website and social media channels for updates on how we’re preparing to welcome our new and returning students to College. 
If you have any questions, please email: studentservices@riversidemusiccollege.ac.uk. 
Please note: The information in these FAQs is subject to change and will be updated regularly in line with Scottish Government Guidance.